Led by Matt Nava, the art director of award-winning games Flower and Journey, Giant Squid's team is composed of some of the most talented developers currently working in the industry.


Our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Matt Nava is a driving creative force behind Giant Squid and its games. Previously the Art Director at thatgamecompany, his artistic vision helped craft the award winning games Flower and Journey for the PS3.
Journey, with over 33 Game of the Year and multiple Best Art Direction Awards, is a testament to Matt's ability to communicate deeply moving narrative through visual and interactive design. Matt wrote and designed the critically acclaimed book, The Art of Journey, in which he provides insight into the development process and showcases his artwork for the game.
With Giant Squid, Matt hopes to create an artistic atmosphere where he can collaborate with talented developers to make games that build on and expand his vision of deeply immersive and meaningful experiences.


Erica enjoys managing all aspects of the Giant Squid business. Whether it's making sure that the studio and projects are running smoothly, or that the team is happy, she'll do whatever it takes to maintain productivity of game development from behind the scenes. Creating value out of any obstacle is her passion.
While at Sony Computer Entertainment America, she coordinated for the talent acquisition teams at PlayStation HQ, Santa Monica Studio, San Diego Studio, and Bend Studio. She supported the teams of God of War: Ascension, MLB: The Show, Uncharted, and a few unannounced titles for PS4.
At Giant Squid, Erica strives to contribute to a culture where artistic vision and brilliant minds are celebrated. When she's not working, you'll find her dancing her way through life.


From the first time he ever held a handed-down, worn-out comic book in his hands to his ever-growing collection of pop-up masterpieces and automata,  Derek has always had a deep passion for visually rich and interactive storytelling. Derek is an industry veteran who brings years of low-level experience at virtually every stage of game development with him. From his time as a graphics driver engineer, to writing GPU performance analysis and debugging applications, to his years at Epic Games, developing the Unreal Engine while porting and shipping the code, toolchain, and games on a variety of platforms, he has worked with engineers and artists alike to shape and enhance game development for countless titles. He plans to bring all this to bear at Giant Squid, helping to build amazing games with a wonderfully talented team.


Bryce is a versatile artist with skills that range from 3D environment and character creation, concept art, and even level design. With a keen eye for detail, every polygon receives the loving touch of quality and polish that gives Giant Squid its unique visual style.
Outside of work Bryce has an affinity for any hobbies he can get his hands on, such as being an avid collector of figures, displaying retro games memorabilia, and many other oddities that transform his home into a museum and a sight to behold.