with Giant Squid’s new Jack-o'-lantern stencils!

Enjoy the spirit of Halloween and have a gourd time with these pumpkin carving templates of animal Lightstones found in the award-winning game The Pathless (coming soon to Xbox and Switch!)

Pick your favorite Tall One and restore the light to one or all of them and keep the corrupted spirits away. Explore the designs below and Download the Printable Jack-o'-lantern Stencils when you’re ready to free the ancestral spirits.

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The Great Eagle, Mother of the Tall Ones

Though she fell to the curse of the Godslayer, in her final moments she brought together the Hunter and the Eagle: the last hope to bring back the light.

Cernos the Elk Spirit,
Eldest of the Eagle Mother's children

The Elk Spirit was a protector of the land and all things that grow--until the curse drove them to destroy the very forests they so loved.

Sauro the Lizard Spirit,
Second Child of the Eagle Mother

The Lizard Spirit's domain was one of warmth and sunshine until the curse smothered it in eternal darkness.

Nimue the Snake Spirit,
Third Child of the Eagle Mother

The Snake Spirit's blessed waters once brought life until the curse turned the rivers and streams of her lands to poison.

Kumo the Bear Spirit,
Youngest of the Eagle Mother's children

The Bear Spirit was once the most carefree and kindest of the Tall Ones before he was twisted into a raging beast by the Godslayer's curse.

The Giant Squid,
Great Spirit of Video Games

Legend says that each tentacle of the Giant Squid Spirit could independently focus on a different aspect of game development.
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