We have received reports that someone claiming to be Giant Squid is offering jobs via Telegram, email, and text. This is a scam. Individuals claiming to be either Giant Squid employees or companies authorized to speak on our behalf have been contacting prospective candidates about job opportunities. They fraudulently misrepresent themselves to solicit personal information directly through email or via third-party online platforms for financial gain. We take this seriously and work continuously with third-party platforms to investigate and remove fake profiles. Please read below for ways to check the authenticity of communications and protect yourself from these phishing scams.

Giant Squid employees will never ask for money or personal financial information at any time during our recruitment process. If you receive any recruitment message that includes requests for money or funds (such as equipment purchase, taxes, travel expenses, etc.) and requests for personal information (bank account information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) – do not respond.

All Giant Squid employment inquiries or offers will come only from someone using an official Giant Squid email domain. Our official domain is the following: giantsquidstudios.com

If you believe you’ve received an unauthorized or fraudulent communication, please notify us with any details at: