Giant Squid is looking for a Social Media Specialist to lead our social media strategy and implementation. Our mission is to build genuine connections with our players via well made posts and online content and to expand awareness and hype for our upcoming projects. Join us and help get the Giant Squid message out there!

As our Social Media Specialist, you will help us plan and ideate our social media campaigns and create large scale schedules for them. Then you will create regular content and posts to implement those campaigns. As our campaigns move forward, we will look to you to analyze how they are doing, and experiment with strategy tweaks in order to improve them.

Day to day, you will create content and post it on sites like Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Creating these posts will mean using in-game tools to record footage from our games to create videos, gifs, and animated content. Using in-game tools to capture footage will require you to learn to play our games well in order to capture footage that shows them off. You will also create a lot of images for posts, which will involve compositing graphics from our library of media as well as capturing new screenshots from our games and editing them for various post formats. And of course, you will be the voice that represents us to our community. This will require thoughtful writing for posts and engaging with fans on our social media channels. Experience with graphic design, typography, video editing, and writing are a must for this role.

Another important responsibility of our Social Media Specialist will be engaging with our community on Discord and helping ensure that it remains a safe and family friendly space for our fans to gather and celebrate their experiences with our games. Answering questions, banning trolls, and helping improve the functionality of the server will be common tasks involved in taking on the role of the representative of Giant Squid on our Discord server.

This position is fully remote. Along with your resume, please submit a cover letter to help us learn who you are and what you’re all about. Experience with streaming on sites like Twitch is also a plus for this role.


- Help conceive, plan, and schedule long form social media campaigns with the goal of engaging and expanding our community and driving awareness and interest in Giant Squid games and projects
- Capture footage and screenshots using in-game tools to create video and images, then edit them in video editors and image editors to make compelling content for social media posts
- Regularly post content on an array of social networks and engage with our community on those platforms
- Analyze how our campaigns are doing and help adjust plans to improve engagement
- Represent Giant Squid on our Discord server- contribute to moderation, improve and tweak server functionality, engage and answer questions, celebrate the community


- Complete understanding and familiarity with social networks and how to use them effectively
- Experience with graphic design, video editing, typography and creating visual media in general
- Excellent writing and grammar skills
- Strong passion for gaming and gaming social ecosystems; be ready to talk shop about the product with fans sometimes daily.
- An open, empathic, and positive attitude towards dealing with people online.
- A history of demonstrable, positive impact on community experiences.


- Experience with Unreal Engine 4/5
- Experience with streaming on sites like Twitch
- Multilingual