Giant Squid is looking for a Senior Technical Designer to help us holistically create awesome gameplay experiences. In this role, you will block in levels and script their functionality to create fully playable spaces. This will involve creating bespoke interactions as well as implementing systems and effects in collaboration with gameplay programmers and artists. Experience and interest in a wide range of game development disciplines, from 3D modeling, particles, materials, scripting, and more, will be a great asset for this role. This position requires a big picture thinker with a great understanding of game design who can ensure that every component of a gameplay experience is supporting the high level direction of the project. 

Giant Squid is a small but seasoned team of award-winning game developers, known for making ABZÛ and The Pathless. Our innovative and beautiful games spring from a team culture that is friendly, open, respectful, and inclusive. Our core gameplay focus is primarily on movement, atmosphere, emotional impact, and game feel rather than difficult skill tests and intricate mechanical systems. We are looking for an individual who is excited to help us create the kind of distinctive game experience that our studio is known for.

This is a full time remote position, and we are a fully remote team. We operate mainly in the PST time zone and prefer that your location is in a time zone relatively close to ours – ideally within 3 hours from Pacific Time.

- Prototype, tune, and polish gameplay experiences and the features that drive them, in close collaboration with designers, gameplay programmers and artists
- Work with directors to understand the high level direction of the game and design experiences that align with it
- Block in level spaces that have good pacing, composition and clear functional gameplay, ready to be handed off to environment artists for visual polish
- Script custom interactions for moments in levels, utilizing and expanding on functionality and assets provided by programmers and artists
- Bring gameplay experiences to final shipping quality by implementing iterative improvements derived from user playtests
- Assist in the creation of tool scripts that empower environment artists and designers to work more efficiently

- Shipped at least one title where you were responsible for game design and scripting
- Experience with 3D modeling for level prototyping
- Proficiency with UE blueprint scripting or C++
- Clear communicator
- UE4 or UE5 experience
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