Giant Squid is looking for a highly-skilled Senior Programmer to make core gameplay systems, engine features, and developer tools for our new exciting game project. We are looking for an experienced developer who really understands video games and is great at making them– a heavy hitter who can take on any kind of task and do what it takes to get it done right. Beyond being a virtuoso coder and great communicator, our ideal candidate is aligned with our goal of creating video game experiences that are elegant and efficient, yet evocative, beautiful and meaningful.

As a Senior Programmer, we will ask you to design, implement, maintain, and debug many features for our current UE5 game project. These will include gameplay systems, editor tools, and more. You will often work directly with technical artists and animators as well as the rest of our coder team to implement game features that require cross disciplinary collaboration.

Giant Squid is a small but seasoned team of award-winning game developers , known for making ABZÛ and The Pathless. The innovative and beautiful game experiences that we make spring from a team culture that is friendly, open, and inclusive. We are looking for a team player who fits right into close-knit small team development and shares our excitement for learning, wearing multiple hats, and stepping outside of regular workflows to make things happen.

This is a full time remote position, and we are a fully remote team. We operate mainly in the PST time zone and prefer that your location is in a time zone relatively close to ours – ideally within 3 hours from Pacific Time.

- Design, implement, maintain, and debug large core game systems
- Extend engine functionality in an efficient and sustainable way
- Design and implement developer tools for art, level design and programming, incorporating team workflows
- Optimize code and systems to bring game performance up to a shippable level of quality

- Wide breadth of game programming knowledge and experience (critical gameplay systems, world-building tools, shader programming, engine systems, etc...)
- Deep understanding of mathematics for game systems (calculus, linear algebra, trigonometry, etc.)
- Mastery of programming in C++ and working knowledge of many programming languages
- A willingness to collaborate closely with artists
- Knowledge of game design principles
- At least one title shipped in a senior programmer role or equivalent experience

- Experience with Unreal Engine

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