Giant Squid is looking for a Multi- Platform Engineer to help us bring our project to console. This role will handle everything related to the technical implementation of features for consoles, and will guide our project through certification processes.  This is a contractor position, with opportunities for full time.

This is a remote position, and we are a fully remote team. We operate mainly in the PST time zone and prefer that your location is in a time zone relatively close to ours – ideally within 3 hours from Pacific Time.

- Implement cross-platform solutions for console-specific features, such as controller haptics, achievements, activities, and more
- Gather profiling data and optimize performance across all platforms, ensuring a consistent baseline throughout development
- Help guide the project through console certification requirements
- Develop tools for the content team to preview performance issues before they happen
- Ensure build quality and stability on all platforms, resolving platform-specific issues that crop up during development
- Work with design team to implement graphics settings, accessibility options, and alternate control schemes
- Work with UX designer to design & support save-game management system across multiple platforms
- Lead the localization tech effort by developing and maintaining good standards for text and audio content management

- Minimum of 2 shipped console titles (this position specifically calls for first-hand experience with the console release process)
- Extensive experience with console development
- Strong C++ programming skills
- Strong multi-platform debugging skills
- Experience optimizing performance on modern game consoles

- Experience developing in Unreal Engine 4 or 5
- Experience managing the localization process
- Experience shipping a game on a modern console (PS4, PS5, XB1, and/or Switch)
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