Giant Squid is looking for an environment artist to help create 3D assets in Maya and assemble levels in UE5, from block out to completion. We are looking for someone whose artistic ethos aligns with our passion to create video game art that is elegant and efficient, yet evocative, beautiful and ultimately meaningful. In this role, you will have the opportunity to closely collaborate with Giant Squid's top level talent on our highly anticipated game project, Sword of the Sea.

We are looking for an artist with wide ranging knowledge of techniques for creating atmospheric and visually stunning 3D environments, from natural scenes to architectural interiors and more. In addition to an expert understanding of 3D workflows, our ideal candidate has a solid foundation in drawing, digital painting, and 2D texture creation as well. You will constantly apply your sharp eye for composition, visual design, and knowledge of color theory to a wide variety of art tasks. Importantly, you share our excitement for learning, researching new techniques, and stepping outside of regular workflows to acheive innovative results.

Deep understanding and experience with 3D content creation— modeling, texturing, UV layout, normal manipulation, materials— will be integral to creating well designed, reusable and beautiful game assets. You will use these modular assets to construct areas of the game in UE5, as well as polish visuals of zones blocked out by other members of the team. You will often be asked to work from provided concept art, but we will rely on your flexibility and self guided nature to fill in the gaps when concept art is not available. It will therefore be crucial that you deeply understand and absorb the underlying principles that drive our art direction so that your work integrates seamlessly. Making sure that our environments run smoothly will be another responsibility of the environment artist, requiring assessment of performance with our engineers and consequent optimization of meshes and other art assets.

This is a full time remote position, and we are a fully remote team. We operate mainly in the PST time zone and prefer that your location is in a time zone relatively close to ours— ideally within 3 hours from Pacific Time.

- Model and texture environmental assets that integrate seamlessly with and extend our art style
- Work with designers to construct levels that are beautiful, functional, and efficient
- Work with our technical artists to make sure that all our art assets comply with production guidelines
- Optimize visual content for performance
- Author collision shapes and mesh LODs

- Deep understanding of modeling and texturing workflows in Maya
- Experience with other common artist tools such as Photoshop
- An understanding of visual design principles and color theory
- Strong foundation in drawing
- At least one title shipped as an environment artist, or equivalent experience

- Experience with Unreal Engine materials and modeling tools

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