Giant Squid is looking for an engine programmer to implement and maintain new features and customize existing features of Unreal Engine 4 to suit the needs of our development team.

Our ideal candidate will have a mastery of programming in C++ and experience writing engine code and team-facing tools on shipped game projects. Our studio creates unique games, and we make them by building unique tools and systems. Some examples of things we have done, and the kind of things that you would be doing, are customizing UE4 viewport interactions to improve their efficiency for level designers, implementing our own version of UE4 landscape that has a non-destructive editing interface and tile based load streaming, and implementing our own level file type with better support for nesting, streaming and multi-user editing.

Empowering our art and design team is the core motivator driving the design of these systems. A very important part of this job will be to collaborate with the users of the tools and features, and ensure that the interface is constructed in a way that delivers what they need to work quickly and painlessly. Maintaining and improving the tools throughout the course of the project will also be a large element of your responsibility. If deep programming, complex problem solving, and supporting creatives is your passion, this role is for you.

We are looking for a team player who shares our excitement for learning, researching new techniques, wearing multiple hats and stepping outside of regular workflows to innovate and make things happen. A collaborative mindset will be crucial as you help us find solutions to unforeseen challenges requiring cross disciplinary teamwork that we discover as we bring these projects to life.

- Implement and maintain custom features and tools within the UE4 engine, editor and content pipelines
- Collaborate with level designers, environment artists, and technical artists to ensure the process of using our tools is efficient, painless, and straightforward
- Help build and maintain web-accessible systems for organizing metrics, feedback, and playtest data

- Mastery of programming in C++ for games
- Experience with Unreal Engine 4
- Has written engine code and dev tools on shipped projects
- Wide breadth of programming knowledge and experience (shaders, SIMD and multi-core techniques, memory management)